Your Soul’s Preparation

Your Soul’s Preparation

This is your spiritual makeover!

Apostle Tracey Robinson, 2021 All Rights Reserved

  Your Soul’s preparation is your make over in Christ as a new creature.

  • In the world everyone, especially women are finding ways to do a makeover to self.
  • A way that is expensive and has become too expensive or not too expensive, but a quick, fast and in a hurry way to makeover self. In order to become a portrait to be displayed to some and say this is the Lord and His way in them, or become something where others will constantly compliment you on you and not who you are standing for.
  • Even the Church people are experiencing and going through a makeover, like the world, not for their soul sake, but for the adorning of the outward man and becoming a “distraction” to the members of the Body that is really serving as a “decoy” for the enemy of our soul.
  • We as believer really have not taken Salvation brought to us by Jesus Christ as a soul saving, a soul delivering, and a soul awakening experience because if we did we all would be in a stronger place in our walk, resisting every urge and desire of our flesh.
  • Our understanding of what God accomplished is not spiritual, but an understanding solely on the basis of getting something from God and not doing for God, His Need, Desires, and Pleasures.
  • This is why teaching on the soul of man is spiritual, but not well respected because you must be spiritual to teach, preach, or minister on its preparation, purpose, and plan of God within him.
  • What is the carnal view of a makeover? What is a makeover? A makeover is a “complete” transformation or remodeling of the outward man (the physical man, the flesh), especially in a person’s hairstyle, dying our hair, makeup, nails, clothes, face, body parts, etc.
  • Notice the definition says “complete transformation!”
  • It is really impossible to completely be transformed outwardly, but it is possible to be completely transformed inwardly.

St Matthew 5:36 Neither shalt thou swear by thy head, because thou canst not make one hair white or black.

St Matthew 6:27 Which of you by taking though can add one cubit unto his stature?

  • A cubic is equivalent to “one step”. The scripture is referring to being concerned about your care being provided.
  • Man cannot create the body, its organs, blood, etc.
  • See outwardly you will only take on a temporal transformation, but inwardly your transformation is complete and you will take on the eternal image of the Father after their likeness as it was in the beginning.
  • Trying to alter, change, or recreate what God has allowed in your physical being is impossible.
  • Transformation is a process that takes place inwardly, though the world uses the word.
  • Transformation is a permanent change in a cell that results from your DNA, which is your pattern of makeup that makes over as you change in age.
  • An outward transformation can and will respond to the inward transformation that takes place in you, and that transformation is a part of your already set up pattern called DNA.
  • Your DNA is what makes you uniquely you! It is the “molecule of life” built in you.
  • Other words used for makeover are alteration, beautification, renovation, remodeling, restoration, reassembling, and transformation.
  • These are really spiritual words that would and should identify the new creature in you when you experience the new birth through Salvation.
  • Experience is to encounter and undergo an event or occurrence; the knowledge of skilled experience acquired through practice over a period of time.
  • As once said we MUST go through the series of developments that have be designed by the Spirit of God to bring us back in Him as well as to perfect and perform the Will of His plans and purpose in the earth through you.
  • If one could see a mirror image of their soul, what would your soul look like? What is its adorning? How would it look in the eyes of the Father? Would we see it the same way the Father sees it? Does it have the image of the Father or the images of the world?
  • The adorning of the soul is spiritual! It is the Word of God and His Team that comes in to beautify the soul and spirit of man in accordance to the Will and Way of God’s Word; and will govern his daily routine.
  • The adorning of the soul is not temporal, nor is it materialistic!
  • Your soul cannot receive the temporal possessions of the physical man and his lusts.
  • Your soul MUST perceive! You must become aware or conscious of to come to an understanding and a realization of what you are made aware of.
  • Your soul MUST be prepared by the Spirit of the Word and governed by the Fruit of the Spirit, the mind of Christ, and the Holy Spirit; and the washing of the water through baptism which is an outward symbol of a spiritual process for your soul.
  • These are the ONLY ornaments for the adorning of the Soul and Spirit of man in order for him to return back to the Father and do all things according to His Will.
  • Every born again believer that will experience the redemptive power of Salvation will go through this process of preparation for their soul. There are no short cuts!
  • Every born again believer must experience the redemptive power of Salvation in order to become the new creature in Christ, called, and chosen by the Spirit of God (which is the Christ).
  • The redemptive power of Christ Jesus has given every soul the experience through Salvation that will lead you (soul) to freedom from the consequences of sin, its penalties, death, and its sting.
  • Your soul’s greatest struggle and challenge is your Will and its choices and the consequences of the choices with the knowledge of good and evil orchestrating.
  • The converting process of your soul is a MUST in order to come full circle that is to get back into the righteousness of God and His Way.
  • Convert is to cause to change in form, character, or function. This is an inward process!
  • It will cause the soul to come to the realization that his only need lies in the Father, His Creator.
  • The transforming process is to become a Son.
  • Transform is to make a thorough, dramatic change in form, appearance, or character of. This is an inward process that will illuminate and make visible the processing of the soul through the physical man!
  • Converting and transformation through the experiencing of Salvation cannot be hidden in a born again new creature!
  • Are they the same? No, but they work together for the same purpose for God’s Will in you to be done.
  • As a born again believer converting of your soul will bring you into the Will of God and His Presence to be led and guided.
  • As a born again believer’s soul being converted will put you in a place of becoming strict and firm with yourself and against the old ways of your being.
  • Transforming will bring you into the place of obeying the Will of God willingly and will lock in the strict and firmness to stand in the Will of God while the process is continuing. Whether Gods speak His Words; you study His Words; or whether you experience His Words you are being transformed to become a Son.
  • Transformation of the Son in you to become a Son makes it hassle-free for the Spirit of God to lead, guide, and instruct you.
  • As a matter of fact, converting your soul is the struggle! It is because your soul is in the “battle of conformity” as he tries to hear the Words of God to obey and resist the urges, lust, habits, and practices of your flesh.
  • Remember the battle is between God and the devil (Satan)!
  • Who’s winning in you daily?
  • Yes, your adorable flesh belongs to the devil! It is his kingdom, called the kingdom of darkness.
  • The Spirit is lusting against the flesh; and the flesh lusting against the Spirit. These two are contrary to each other! Galatians 5:17
  • Lust is not just sex! It can be taken as any desired form or object, i.e. money, control, deception, lying, husband, wife, to be in a position to say “I’ll show you”, etc.
  • Lust is a psychological force that produces intense desires for an object, circumstances, or situations while already having a significant amount of that desired object.
  • Lust does not carry contentment! It carries discontentment!
  • Contentment is a state of being pleased and satisfied.
  • Philippians 4:11 is our victory over anxiety (a feeling of worry, nervousness, unease about something with an uncertain or unknown outcome).
  • Discontentment results in a pattern of turning from God to do what will content you; lying and trying to hide in your sin.
  • Keeping up with the Smith’s and the Jones’ is an example! Or whatever someone gets you covet with jealousy so till you try to get it if it is tangible or you can fake like you got it.
  • Or you were not born with a “silver spoon” in your mouth so you try to get everything you thought you should have been born with.
  • Conversion of the flesh is easy!
  • The flesh will automatically revert to deception to fake, fool, and pretend that it is saved and doing the Will of the Lord God.
  • Your flesh will mask the way of your soul’s conversion because it knows the righteousness required of it to serve God in Spirit and in Truth.
  • Your flesh job is to deceive you!
  • Your flesh is deceptive in nature! Its job is to “suppress” to fool the soul and spirit of man in you.
  • Suppress is to prevent the development, action, or expression of your soul and spirits response to the Will of God.
  • Your flesh nature is to restrain your soul; to forcibly put an end to your souls awakening; his hearing and obeying the voice and Word of God; to keep him from ever learning and practicing the Will of God in him; etc.
  • This is why Salvation has come to your hearing!
  • This is why Salvation has been designed by the Spirit of God through His Son Jesus to show us the developing process of God in order to return completely back home to Him in Spirit and in Truth.
  • This is why the acceptance of the whole Salvation packet is designed to teach us who we are as a spirit being encased in a body.
  • Accepting bits and pieces of Salvation means you need to be born again!
  • This is why the acceptance of the terms of Salvation for the whole man teaches us to know more about our true nature as being a Son of God and less about the physical deceptive part of us.
  • Your flesh comes to deceive and will deceive you to keep you from accepting the Will of God through your Will and its choices.
  • Your flesh is subtle and cunning causing your soul and spirit to have to compromise the right for the wrong; by doing things halfway or not at all; by not doing things the way of the Spirit and the right way; etc.
  • Your flesh’s nature is of the serpentine nature!
  • Serpentine is of or like a serpent or snake.
  • This is the nature of Satan in the flesh of the serpent.
  • Genesis 3 tells us precisely about the serpent and his nature.
  • Satan did not have to work hard to get access in the serpents flesh. His request to inhabit his flesh was like a hiss!
  • A lot of us mistake the sound of a hiss as the voice of God!
  • How hard does Satan have to work to get access into your flesh when you say that you are saved?
  • Satan uses your flesh to influence you into temptation to reject God and in condemnation to always make you believe that you will never be able to live up to the standards of God and His Will in the earth.





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