Who Are You?

Have you ever wondered “who you really are”?
Apostle Tracey Robinson. 2017 All Rights Reserved

Have you ever wondered who you really are and why you are so special to God that He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die for you?

Have you ever wondered why the devil hates God?

Have you ever wondered why the devil hates you (mankind)?

What is in us that causes the devil to hate us so much?

 What is really going on? Where and when did all of this start?

 God created man in His own Image, and then He breathed into the nostrils of man His VERY OWN BREATH.

In His creating man, He created him/us out of the substance of His Name – the Wisdom, the Understanding, the Knowledge, and the Prudence.

His name is YAHWEH or JEHOVAH.

Believe it or not this is why Satan hates us and why we are so special to God, because of the name of God that was given to us. Not only that, God gave us His only begotten Son, Jesus whom He had to come to go to the Cross and pour out His precious Blood in order for us to be redeemed.

This Name of the LORD was given to ALL MEN – believers and unbelievers.

The devil (Satan) knows more about this TRUTH than most Christians do.

 With Jesus’ coming He took back ALL RIGHTS of God that was given to mankind in the beginning.

Find the scripture that tells about being

created in the Image of God


 Find the scripture that tells about the

iniquity found in Lucifer’s heart and also called the “son of the morning”


 What all can you think of that is in the

“Breath of God”

 What all was in the “Breath of God” when He breathe in the nostrils of man? In other words, what all did He put in each of us through His breathe?


The Hebrew word for spirit is translated as meaning breath.

God’s Spirit defines His Substances.

What is the meaning of


 Substance is that of which a thing consists; physical matter or material; possessions, means, wealth.


God’s Spirit is like the wind you can’t see it, but you can hear it.

God is a spirit and they that worship Him_________________________ (Find the scripture and fill in the blank).

It is the Spirit that gives life

Where is the scripture found? _________________________.

God’s expression of Himself was made complete to us through His Son Jesus.

Words express spirits. All words carry a spirit depending on what word you choose to use when speaking it.

Where is the scripture that says

“all scripture is given by the inspiration of God________________________?

Salvation ONLY comes through Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY legitimate way and the only door that God has provided in order for man to rise up from his fallen state and enter back into the Holy Presence of the LORD.

God intended for mankind to use the glorious light and life of the Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, and Prudence of the LORD’s Name to rule and reign over creation and not each other.

 However, Lucifer in his fallen state could not bear for man to rule, so he worked through his

serpent nature to deceive man into accepting his corrupt will, instead of having God’s Holy, Purposive Will as the governing shaft of his being. Man now has Lucifer’s fallen serpentine will in the governing position. The glorious name of the LORD that was in man became enclosed in a prison house called the “Body of Sin”


So, the real you with the Name of the LORD is imprisoned under the Body of Sin.

Jesus is the ONLY ONE who can penetrate this Body of Sin and redeem the real you.

 The Body of Sin is the Old Man, the Carnal Man, which is not the real “YOU”.

 When the world talks about improving their “self-image”, they are referring to fattening the Body of Sin

in order to make it appear to be more beautiful and better about them. When in fact, the only way we can feel better about our self is to let God through His Son Jesus tear our Body of Sin so the real “YOU” can come forth.


When Jesus came down and took upon Him a human body, He fought Lucifer from

“without” with the TRUTH. If he saw someone Lucifer had crippled, Jesus would say, “Get up and walk”. If He found a blind person, He would say, “Receive your sight”.


Jesus did not have to fight Lucifer from “within”
by using His Power and Authority, because He had no sin within Him.

Jesus fought Lucifer from the womb, to the Cross, down into Hell and the depths of the Pit, and back up again. Then on resurrection morning, that same Jesus was made both LORD and Christ eternally.

Acts 2:36

After Jesus’ Human Body was resurrected, glorified, deified, and made omnipresent, that same Body, that same Name – LORD Jesus Christ, can come inside a believer’s human heart and start to fight Lucifer from “within” by attacking the Body of Sin.


Galatians 5:17

17 For the flesh, lusteth against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh: and these are contrary the one to the other: so that ye cannot do the things that ye would.