2018 operating word for the ministry is: GOD’S Strategy for Battle Readiness is in Christ Jesus, The Lion of Judah: Send Judah First!
Judges 20:18 And the children of Israel arose, and went up to the house of God, and asked counsel of God, and said, Which of us shall go up first to the battle against the children of Benjamin? And the Lord said, Judah shall go up first.
Judah means praise Yahweh or May God be praised.
Judah holds a special place in the heart of God, just as praise does.
Judah was blessed by Jacob, his father with the release of the scepter of authority and rulers staff (Genesis 49:8-10).
Judah tribe was blessed with a position of power, authority, and influence.
In this New Year get into the Presence of God through praise, ask God for counsel
in praise, and let the Lord send Judah first in your situations, circumstances, against your enemies, and be a powerful weapon in spiritual warfare.
Praise reigns in God!